What is shower gel used for?

What is shower gel? I will give you a ‘Wikipedia’ answer to that; a shower gel which is also known as bodywash, is a liquid soap with which you can clean your body. The discovery of shower gel has helped us in many ways. When we only had solid soaps, one soap was shared by quite a number of people, and that is suppose to keep us hygienic? Shower gel can be easily used since the amount of gel you are using is solely used by you and then washed off; another person can use unused gel.

what is shower gel
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Here are a few steps which can give you an idea of how shower gels are applied on your body:

  • Pick a nice flavored shower gel
  • Pour 2 drops of shower gel on your bath sponge or wash cloth, if you think 2 drops aren’t sufficient and go for 3 quarter drops
  • Scrub yourself over gently
  • Rinse properly- sometimes it the gel may remain on your body so rinsing well is very important

Choose you shower gels wisely, if you choose a cheap unknown gel then it will make your skin rough. Pick a good brand for your skin case, expert’s always advice gels with moisturizer to keep your moisture even when you are watering yourself dry. Have a look at the ingredients used in the shower gel in case you are allergic to any of them, pick one with good smell and that can keep your skin from getting rough. If you still can’t accept using a watery substance can clean you better than rubbing a solid substance then here are few reasons why you should choose to use shower gels instead of soap:

  • Shower gels provide moisture to your skin, they usually have essential vitamins, oils and fragrances which benefit your skin, they also contain anti perspirant to stop you from perspire heavily
  • They keep away from contaminations,
  • Shower gels are less of a wastage than soaps, soaps tend to break or become too soft to use and most people also over use soaps by rubbing them too much for use
  • They create more foaming, shower gels can make your bath experience better, you can’t deny that a little bit of foam actually makes us all happy no matter what our age is
  • If a member of you family has skin disease, imagine what would happen if everyone shared the same soap, shower gel give individuality
  • Shower gels look nicer in your washroom and keeps it neat, soap can leave stains around the area where it is kept

Usage of soap is very low nowadays because shower gels provide better services, they are available in different fragrances and different nutrients in their ingredients, while some provide moisture others even provide whitening ingredients. If you have not started using shower gel then go to your nearest store and a bathing sponge and enjoy a long bubbly bath.

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