Waterproof eyebrow pencil for woman

Having thin eyebrows can be a bit problematic, having them looked like you accidentally shaved them off can make you look pale or worse diseased. Eyebrow pencil is a great discovery and saves women from putting eye shadow on their eyebrows, a disadvantage of putting eye shadow is that it can smudge and completely disappear when touched too much. Water can remove your eyebrows in this case, worst case scenario, you might end up looking like a one eye browed monster. Waterproof eyebrow pencil saves you from such embarrassing incidents. The advantages of waterproof pencils are:

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  • No smudging- If you accidentally touch your eyebrows, you won’t end up with one eyebrow as it does not smudge, also does not darken other areas near your eyebrows
  • Long lasting- You can keep your eyebrows looking sharp all day and they won’t change size of shape of you touch it by accident
  • Waterproof- What if you’re going swimming? Why shouldn’t you draw your eyebrows then? You can swim, wash your face or use wet hands to touch your eyebrows, it will remain the same as you drew them
  • Safe to use- It is a better solution than a surgery for permanent eyebrows
  • Choice- It will also look more natural and you can use dark brown or black pencil which ever suits you
  • Painless- Application of eye pencil is not painful

Before you buy a waterproof eyebrow pencil keep the following information in your mind:

  • Since you have a choice as to which color eyebrow you want, pick a color that suits you, if there are testers available then try them out, make sure it matches the color of your hair and makes it look natural
  • Buy a regular waterproof pencil if it is the first time you are buying these pencils and drawing you eyebrows. Buying regular ones will help you fix your mistakes till you are better at drawing your eyebrows
  • Use the eyebrow bush which comes along with the eyebrow pencil, at least in most cases it does, if not then buy one because it help to groom your eyebrows and make it look natural and perfect
  • Eyebrow gel can be used with eyebrow pencil as well as it makes a noticeable change and makes you eyebrows look more bushy

One disadvantage with waterproof ones is that if you go wrong with the shape at your first go, it will make you a while to use your make-up remover to remove it, it is time consuming to take it off and put it again. As mentioned in the tips, work on your shape with normal ones till you are ready for the waterproof ones. Pick a good brand for your eyebrows, you don’t want to lose whatever hair you have left on your eyebrows, good brands provide good quality products. The following tips can help you buy yourself a waterproof eyebrow pencil and use it properly.

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