The top 5 creams that cure your dry feet and cracked heels

Whenever its winter or you have to wear shoes all the time or even when you have a dry skin, a cracked heel often occurs as a usual problem in almost all the human beings. The cracked heels not only look awful on your heels but they can also be painful sometimes. Not only during winter, but you can also get a cracked heel when it’s too hot outside and your heels turn to get dried out and causes cracks everywhere. Some people might have some simple issues with cracked heels which can be cured with simple home remedies, whereas other people might have serious problem with them and just soaking your feet in hot water or applying some oils cannot help you get rid of them so easily. For the serious types of cracked heels you do need to use the cracked heel cream that are available in the stores and use them every night until your problem is solved because it takes a lot of time to repair a cracked heel. So, if you are tired of exfoliating your feet with a foot scrub and haven’t got any result yet, then you can take some look in the foot creams below which are considered to be the best foot creams for cracked heels and I am sure you will get the best result out of them.


Creams that would repair your cracked heels within a week:

  1. Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream: This cream is clinically proven to cure your cracked heels and make your heels soft and smooth over time. They concentrate on the heel areas only and can work great within a week. It is best for sensitive skin and also helps in removing any infections.
  2. AmLactin Foot Cream: It intensively cures your cracked heels by exfoliating and repairing your heels and feet as well. You have to apply the cream twice on your heels to get your desired result and it is considered to be one of the best moisturizing foot cream till now.
  3. Revayur Crack Healing Cream: It eliminates any cracks on the heels and soles and smoothens feet by absorbing quickly on your feet. Their fresh aroma smell refreshes and makes your feet relax when you apply it.
  4. L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream: This product is kind of expensive but shows great results on your cracked heels. It contains Shea butter which soothes your cracked helps and works great on the irritated itching skin. It also contains antiseptic lavender oil that cleanses your skin.
  5. Scholl Foot Cream Mousse:It gives you an extreme moisturizing effect that would simply soften and hydrate your feet removing any dryness from the heels. It is a thick cream which is very easy to apply and easily absorbed as well.


You can actually find various kinds of foot creams in different stores for your cracked heels but these creams would definitely solve your problem with an ease.

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