The role of olive oil for hair growth

Hair loss, thinning of hairline or worse a shiny, visible bald spot may cause us to be embarrassed in the society today. Not only that, these problems may even lower our self-confidence. These unwanted problems may arise due to frequent hair coloring or a poor diet, an illness or just due to some genetic and hereditary issues.

Olive oil can be an essential ingredient for the most important and attractive part of our body, i.e. our hair. Therefore olive oil for hair growth can be very beneficial for you in countless ways.

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  • Olive oil helps to prevent the production of DTH hormone; the production of which leads to the narrowing of hair follicles hence falling out of hair.
  • Due to its high antioxidant content, olive oil helps to keep your scalp healthy which actually results in healthy hair growth. The damage done due to excessive usage of hair styling products and hair care products can also be minimized with olive oil.
  • Who doesn’t wish for shiny, healthy lustrous hair? And this definitely doesn’t come without conditioning. Olive oil is definitely the best natural ingredient for conditioning
  • It also helps reduce dandruff or remove lice from our scalp. Olive oil definitely helps fight the worst enemies against our beautiful hair!
  • In order to grow thick strands, massaging the scalp with olive causes our hair follicles to be activated due to better blood flow, thus the growth of hair.

Olive oil for hair growth can be used in the following ways:

  • Add olive oil and castor oil together in equal proportions, heat them until lightly warm and massage well on your hair for 10 minutes for follicle stimulation. After a few minutes of hot towel wrap, the moisture is retained. Take a shower and clean off.
  • Mix 3 tbsp of olive oil to 7-10 tbsp of tea tree oil. Take a hot towel wrap, leave overnight and shampoo next day. You will smell lovely and your dandruff will also be reduced.
  • Take a cup of olive oil and mix with a finely beaten yolk of egg and quite a few drops of lemon juice to make a mask. Apply for 15 minutes and later shampoo and condition. Adding lavender may give a soothing smell to it.
  • For oral intake of olive which once again helps hair growth very much, add generous dollops of olive oil to your meals while cooking. Combining olive oil to lemon juice and drinking such a mixture is also very fruitful for growing hair. Not only that, olive oil helps to better our dental and intestinal health as well.

In order for olive oil to give the desired results, we must keep in mind that along with application of olive oil on our scalp or in taking it orally, we must make sure we are maintaining a healthy balanced diet. Keeping rich in nutrient foods in our diets will bring us the best outcome whenever you’re relying on olive oil for hair growth.

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