Real Techniques brushes review: The new talk of the makeup freak town

When it comes to brushes, we all blindly have faith upon sigma brushes or MAC. For applying concealer or contouring or for the blending of foundation/blushers, these brushes are considered to be any girl’s first choice. That was before people knew about Real technique brushes. Thanks to all those videos over YouTube for taking the “Real techniques” on limelight. This article is totally based on real technique brushes review and how is it catching all the limelight to itself.


A real technique is a new makeup brush line by popular YouTube and well known makeup artist name Samantha Chapman. Real Techniques brushes are considered to be very high in quality and amazing brushes in a reasonable price. Having very lighter tips is consistently a very popular feature of the entire line of brushes. They have a soft, synthetic bristles. The lower portion of all brushes is longer than the other brushes of another line and made of colorful aluminum. Another unique feature of this real technique is that the comparatively bigger brushes of the line that you buy, can stand all by them. The “stippling brush” is known as one of the most popular one among all the brushes. Other popular ones are: The core collection brushes, The Starter set, the travel essential set, Blush brush, Setting brush, Expert face brush, Fine liner brush, the shading brush and the list goes on.

  • The Stippling Brush: Having shorter bristles makes this brush very useful and user friendly. It makes them stiffer so that we can apply as much pressure as u want to put on the face while applying the makeup. Very useful when it comes to applying cream and liquid foundation on face.
  • The Core collection brushes: Among all the brushes of this set, contour brush is the most popular one according to the entire Real Techniques user. It is a little too thin than other contouring brushes but does it works perfectly. It requires a little bit more time for perfect blending. The core collection has three other brushes except the countering one. It is considered to be the multipurpose brush sets according to your needs. The buffing brush, pointed foundation brush, the detailer brush including the contour brush makes the set a master piece. These brushes come with a very unique and handy holder kit.
  • The starter set: It is an eye brush set. This set of five eye brushes also comes with a unique toggle fold over kit. The brushes are too large and are capable of giving the user full comfort while applying the product on their eye. The brushes of this set are :

1. The Deluxe Crease brush

2. The Base shadow brush

3. The Brow brush

4. The Pixel point eyeliner brush

5. The Accent brush

  • The Expert face brush: The unique shape and the smooth taper of this brush is what make it stiffer and more awesome for applying liquid foundation. This extremely soft brush feels great when you apply it on the face.
  • The shading brush: It’s a very small and flat basic seeming brush. It’s a great eye brush for blending and packing shadow on your eyes perfectly. It has soft and nice bristles as well.

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