Using Henna for natural hair

Your hair is your best asset even if your hair is too curly, too straight or rough. Imagine being bald, you’d know why I am calling it an asset no matter what, if you had no hair. Your hair may get rough because of the dirt in the air, usage of chemical products on your hair, too much coloring or any other reason. The best way to treat your hair is to go for natural remedies, using more chemical for hair care might cause more damage to your hair. Using henna for natural hair can benefit you and also add a bit of coloring to it.


Henna is a plant which can easily be obtained and processed; the best part about using henna is that you can do it yourself. Here are a few things you must follow before applying henna on your own:

  • Prepare you henna paste, the way you want to use it depending on the kind of treatment you want on your hair
  • Put Vaseline on the skin near your hair where henna will be applied, this stops henna from leaving stains
  • Make sure you wear gloves, or else your hand will be dyed too and it takes a while to get off
  • Start applying from roots to tips, on either wet or dry hair, I would recommend dry hair since its easier
  • Wear a shower hood so that it doesn’t stain on anything

It helps build up on hair and it can work as a permanently be used as hair color if used regularly. It makes strands stronger or less breakage, balances your hair’s porosity, reduces or eliminates dandruff, thickens hair, gives healthy appearance as it smoothes hair cuticle and increases hair growth due to antibacterial and antifungal properties. Some people use henna by adding it to their conditioner and water. This dyes your hair, softens it and gives a shine. Another way of using henna is using aloe vera with your henna because it needs an acidic liquid to release the dye for better results of the treatment.

It is important that the henna you use is 100% pure, low quality henna may damage your hair as it contains additives like PPD to make the dye stronger and darker. This may also react if used or cause allergy problems. Since 100 grams of henna contains 2 or 3 grams of dye and the rest being ground up henna leaves, it is important to have high dye content available for best results if you are using it for dyeing purpose.

If henna is applied then no other lighter hair color would work on your hair since henna is permanent. However those with curly hair should know that the weight of the henna causes the curls to loosen up, this could benefit those who want to loosen their curly hair. Henna may make your hair dry as well; usage of conditioner might help you solve this problem.

Skin benefits of green tea moisturizer for any skin type

As we all know, that to get a healthy looking skin we do need to follow some steps to keep our skin clean from pollution and harmful toxins. By now, most of the women know the perfect way to clean their face, which is cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. If you follow these steps once a week then you can notice a visible difference in your face but what most of the women are concerned about is whether they should apply the moisturizer after they have cleaned their face. Moisturizer is a must for all skin types because it not only nourishes your skin but also helps to keep your skin hydrated all the time and when it’s a green tea moisturizer then you have nothing else to complain about.


Moisturizer is very essential for your skin because when you get older, your body is not able to produce the essential oils in your skin and that’s when your skin turns dull and dehydrated. In order, to make your skin look healthy and lively, you must use a moisturizer and help prevent wrinkles and fine lines to occur. Now a day, you can find various kinds of moisturizer in the market depending on your skin type but apart from them, you can focus on a few types if moisturizer which would give you the best result because they are made up of natural ingredients. Products such as, proactive solutions green tea moisturizer, acne free green tea moisturizer, Alba aloe & green tea oil-free moisturizer, etc. are some examples and you can find their benefits below.

Important benefits of green tea as moisturizer

  • It helps remove free radicals from your skin which is caused by the harmful UV rays of sunlight. Green tea reduces aging of your skin caused by the free radicals. It basically neutralizes the damages that are caused by the exposure to sunlight.
  • The antioxidant effect of green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer in the skins. It has been found that green tea helps prevent harmful enzymes that cause cancer.
  • It helps rejuvenate old skin cells to new cells. It also helps in increasing elasticity on your face which helps reduce any fine lines or wrinkles on your face.
  • Green tea hasanti-bacterial qualities which help in preventing acne effectively without any side effects. It also reduces the acne marks on your face.
  • Green tea moisturizers works instantly on your dry skin reducing the dryness and itchiness as well. It does not even clog your pores and make your skin oily at all. It basically works on any skin types and improves the complexion as well.


Therefore, instead of going more the chemical based moisturizers you can go for a more natural type of green tea moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and look naturally beautiful.

Glutathione whitening: what is the secret behind glutathione and skin whitening?

Glutathione whitening is nothing but taking an anti-oxidant by people which would turn them whiter over a few dosages. And when people would hear this, especially dark-skinned women then they would go crazy for getting it as soon as possible. Most dark-skinned women dream of becoming fair and all they can think is of how to be fair. There is no home remedy or even creams in stores that they have not tried till now and when they hear about opportunities to become fair then they don’t think about anything else but getting that treatment right then. Now a day a new kind of treatment to your skin is getting popular among every woman and most of them have also got best results out of it. Just before you get excited, today we would like to talk about why glutathione is actually good for your skin and why it is considered to be the best skin whitener now a days. But before you start having this glutathione, it is very essential to visit a dermatologist and take some prescription on how to have proper dosage of it to get a whiter skin. No treatment shows effective results instantly, so in order to get your desired result you have to take the dosage regularly for a longer time. So, if you are new to this term of glutathione and want to know more about it, we have come with some benefits of it to change your mind completely.


What actually glutathione does to your skin?

  • Glutathione is mainly making for protecting our body cells from harmful toxins and when they do so it turns our skin lighter protecting the cells from free radicals. So, it basically not made for whitening our skin but in other words it does so giving an improved complexion.
  • It not only removes the free radicals or toxins but it also makes our immune system stronger. It also helps reduce the risks of cancer in a person and also keeps our heart protected from diseases. It also works as an anti-aging element.
  • Most people take glutathione to have whiter skin instead of focusing on its other benefits. If people do so then they should take an injection of it which would directly go into their bloodstream showing a more effective result in a few days.
  • If you don’t like taking glutathione pills or injections but still want to become whiter, then you can have more options because glutathione also comes in soaps. The glutathione soaps are available in the market which also helps in lightening your skin.
  • Not only whitening the skin, but the soaps also helps your skin to get rid of acne scars, aging spots, freckles, blemishes, etc.
  • So, if you have used plenty of ways to get a whiter skin and tired of using them, then here is a new opportunity for you which give the best result so far.

The perfect party spotlight: Glitter lipsticks in fashion now!

Going glittery is what makes the women excited all the time. They would go crazy to make anything glittery, starting from their outfit to their makeup and also accessories as well and what can be the best option than using glitter lipsticks. Most women want to be glittery in their special occasions because going out glittery all the time would not be a wise thing to do. People would start thinking that you don’t know any fashion statement and you need to learn what fashion is all about. But trust me if you want to glitter yourself then you have to save that particular thing for a special moment or event. Even if you don’t have a glittery outfit then you can simply try out some lipsticks that give you glittery effect and change your look instantly.


Using lipstick with glittery effects simply creates a vibe in your look and makes you perfectly ready for any special occasion like New Year’s Eve or Christmas. Most women are inspired by these glittery lipstick look worn by models during catwalk and they instantly fall in love with them but most of them also would not have an idea about how to wear a glitter lipstick perfectly on your lips. You might think that the glittery lipsticks are same as the normal lipsticks and they can be worn in any way but that is not true. You do need to know the perfect way to use these lipsticks to last long on your lips and would give you a sparkling look. So, if you want your lip to sparkle perfectly all the time in the party then follow the steps below and get some clear instructions of how to use a glitter lipstick.

How to use glitter lipstick perfectly on your lips?

  1. Not only with the glitter lipsticks, but also when you use the normal ones, it is very essential to use a little bit of concealer or foundation on the edge of your lips if you want your lipsticks to last longer. The concealer or foundation creates a base which does not let the lipstick spread easily.
  2. Then, you need to use a lip pencil and create a line on your lips smoothly. This prevents any lipstick to go out of your lips and look like you are bleeding. You can start from the middle top of your lip and then draw the line clearly and smoothly to create a fine line.
  3. To apply your lipstick without any breakout, apply the lip color with a lip brush. Use the dark colors more accurately than the light colored ones because they are more visible when there is any flaws.
  4. Finally take some glitter glue on a clean tray and with the help of a brush take some glue on the tip of the brush. Then keep the brush on some powdered glitter and then apply the glitter on your lips gently. To get the desired effect repeat the same process on all parts of your lips.


Finally, it’s party time after you have finished glittering your lips. Remember to use a neutral eye makeup with your glittery lips.

Get gorgeously suntanned within reasonable spray tan cost!

Summer’s here! And what’s better to stare at than that absolutely gorgeous tan on your body? Everyone loves to get the perfect suntan, but staying at the beach and literally roasting yourself up to get one can be very painful, time consuming and unhealthy as too much sun exposure may even cause skin cancer. Hitting the tanning salons may also be difficult after all day’s work and salons charge very high prices for no good reason. At the end, the price is not worth it at all.

So here are some of the kits which will get you that blazing hot color. Spray tan costs are relatively lowwith the kits coming from HVLPsun™ Systems and HVLPsun™ Mist Applicators.

  1. Mini-mist Airbrush Spray Tan Machine
    The Mini-Mist® is incredibly light weight, easy to carry and provides beautiful HVLP Sunless tanning at an absolutely reasonable cost. It’s easily usable at home and ensures optimized usage of the tanning solution as it specifically on the body and not into the air! Its stainless steel liquid parts distribute the solution finely on you with the help of a spray fan. This superb tanning kit is just available for $339.99 where you save $60.00! mini_mist
  2. Happy-mist Airbrush Spray Tan Machine
    The Happy-Mist® is absolutely the best in providing users with the Apollo Spray HVLP tan. Easily mobile, it takes no hassle to set it up at home either. It consists of a T6050 applicator and air hose which are attachable without much trouble. The Apollo Sprayer Happy-Mist® Applicator remains cool even after long hours of use, making it easy for the user to use it and also it ensures quality tanning due to its DHA adhesive which gives a smooth and complete finish. Its available at an attractive price of just $199.99, absolutely reasonable as spray tan cost.
  3. Whisper-mist Airbrush Tanning Machine
    As quiet as a whisper to the ears, the most impressive quality of The Whisper-Mist® is its super low noise emission which keeps the technician and the client at absolute peace. Also its effortless portability and stylish design makes the machine fascinating for tanning parties with friends! Easy to hold and use, this tanning machine comes with a “Y” connector, allowing two convenient hoses to be attached and used at once. With noise almost negligible which creates a calming effect, the fun to use with friends Whisper Mist is surprisingly available at a suitable price of just $949.99! whisper_mist-lrg
  4. Mobile- mist Airbrush Tan Machine
    Designed like a fashionable aluminum suitcase, the Mobile Mist is one of the most innovative. Its finely engineered engine gives it alternating speeds in order for it to provide various shading and contouring techniques. The case has a space provided on the top so that you can keep your lotions and tanning liquids. Simply fantastic while travelling, the effective, light weight and easy to lift Mobile Mist tan machine is available just at $559.99. mobile-mist-spray-tanning

7 best brands of face primers for getting a flawless skin

As wearing a perfect dress for a perfect occasion is a must, using face primer matching to your skin tone is also a must for the first step to your makeup. Using a primer is so essential for your face that if you don’t use it on your face before doing any makeup then nobody would understand that you have applied makeup. It not only helps you to make your makeup look better and long lasting throughout the day but it also makes your face look smooth, flatter, and hides any visible pores, redness, wrinkles, blemishes on your face that would kind of ruin your makeup. Primers are not only used for any parties or occasions but they can be used any time of the day, even at your workplace because primer simply gives you a foundation to your skin and helps it to remain flawless for all day long. It’s always important to use your moisturizer first instead of depending on your primer mostly and then choose the best shade of primer that perfectly goes with your skin tone. So, here you can find the best primers for your face with the advanced right formula and you can choose the best out of it within a few minutes.


Top primers for your face

  1. Prescriptive Flawless Face Primer: This primer works great on faces with large pores and conceals them perfectly. If you have an oily skin and are scared of breakouts after you apply makeup then you can simply use it before your applying makeup and find out the difference. It does not cause any acne on your face.[spacer height=”20px”]
  2. Smash box Photo Finish Foundation Primer: It’s an oil-free primer for all skin types and gives you a silky texture.[spacer height=”20px”]
  3. Benefit the Professional: It has an oil-free formula with a long lasting effect on your face. It is best known for making the large pores on your face less visible. You can apply it anytime of the day and anywhere.[spacer height=”20px”]
  4. Modelco Face Base Skin Primer: Most of the women who have used this product said that they cannot think of not applying it before they do their makeup. It works on all skin types and helps in hydrating your skin without making it oily. It gives a perfect makeup base by keeping your skin moisturized all day long.[spacer height=”20px”]
  5. L’Oreal Paris LumiMagique Pure Light: By applying this primer, you can get a youthful skin and it gives you a radiant looking skin every time you apply it.[spacer height=”20px”]
  6. Mirabella Beauty Prime for Face: You can apply a little bit of it and get a flawless look just like that. It works great on oily skin and stays longer on your face without giving you any breakouts.[spacer height=”20px”]
  7. Clinique SuperprimerColour Corrects Dullness In Deeper Skins: It comes with 6 different primers for different skin tones. It does not make your face look dull but makes your face look subtly beautiful.


So, primers not only support your makeup throughout the day but it also makes your face look beautiful and gives a radiant look.

4 brands of mascara to make your eyebrows look fuller easily

Not every woman has a perfect eye, lip, eyelash, nose, and a perfectly shaped eyebrows but that does not mean you cannot try something out to make it look different or even to make it look perfect when you are going out somewhere. Today we are going to discuss about how to get a perfect eyebrow with eyebrow mascaras even if you don’t have a good shape of it or it’s not thick enough to give you a perfect look. Some women always complain about not having perfect eyebrows and then they use different products on them to make it thicker but eventually they don’t become thicker permanently. Some women are born with thinner eyebrows, but does that mean they cannot style with them the way they want to? Of course they can, they can simply use some makeup products to make their eyebrows look thicker and beautiful. They can also make their eyebrows have the same color as their hair and get a natural look with them. You can get the natural look with nothing other than simplemascarafor your eyebrows which can be found in any makeup store. These mascaras are also known as gels so don’t get confused with the names. Let me now show you a list of mascaras for your eyebrows that would completely change your look.


List of mascaras to make your eyebrows beautiful:

  1. 3 Concept Eyes Eyebrow Mascara: You can find this brand of mascara in 3 different colors and they simply groom your brows into shape. You can also match these mascaras to your hair color and have natural looking eyebrows. These eyebrows come in red brown, gold, and brown color. The red brown mascara goes with orange and red tones hair colors. The brown mascara would go with black or dark brown hair color. Finally, the gold mascara would suit any bright hair color.
  2. Joey Healy:This gel mascara is just perfect for your eyebrows. It does not leave any sticky residue on your eyebrows and it will last all day long without getting any hair out of your eyebrows. It gives you a lightweight hold.
  3. MAC Brow Set: It is not shiny at all and also does not give you any matte look. It just perfectly gives your eyebrowshealthy and beautiful brows. It does not cause any stiffness and you can easily apply it anywhere and anytime of the day.
  4. Ramy When Hairy Met Sealy: It is usually applied on eyebrows that are turning gray. You can apply it on your eyebrows to give it a natural look.

So, if you are looking for some brands of mascara that would work great on your eyebrows and make it look naturally beautiful, you can try some of these today.

Want to know the secret behind getting beautiful lips naturally?

Most of the people have always heard about exfoliating their body or face to remove the dry layer of skin and get a new smooth skin. Exfoliating can also keep one’s skin healthy and glowing and it is very important to do on a regular basis. Butto exfoliate lips for the first time can be a new thing you have heard just now or some people can also be used to it. As you exfoliate your body and face to get a healthier skin, you can also exfoliate your lips in order to get a smooth and soft lip by peeling off the dry skin that can cause your lips to turn into dry chapped lips. Not only during winter season, when your lips dry out and start bleeding because of excess amount of dead skin, but in any season your lips can become dry if you do not provide it with any moisture at all. So, as you moisturize your face, it is also very essential to moisturize your skin to keep it moist all the time. You can probably find a lot of lip scrubs in the stores but to get your lips naturally cured you can make your own exfoliating scrub easily at home. Therefore, let’s not waste any more time and get to know the easy and simply DIY tips to make your own lip scrub.


DIY scrubs for exfoliating your beautiful lips:

  1. Sugar and olive oil: Mix some sugar and olive oil in equal amounts in a bowl and rub the mixture on your lips for 5-10 minutes. Remember to rub the mixture gently on your lips; don’t be harsh on your lips. If you rub for a longer time, then it will exfoliate your lips more intensely. You can also use a wash cloth to rub the mixture on your lips. After you have finished exfoliating, wash your lips with warm water. It is essential to use a lip balm after exfoliating to make it more soft and smooth.
  2. Vaseline: Take a toothbrush which has soft bristles because a hard one would make your lips bleed. Take some Vaseline on the toothbrush and apply it on your lips in circular motion for a few minutes. Don’t take off the Vaseline from your lips; instead let it be on your lips to rehydrate it.
  3. Baking soda: Take some baking soda and mix it well with water to form a paste. Apply the mixture with an old toothbrush with soft bristles and apply it on your lips in circular motion. You can also use a wash cloth to apply the mixture. Wash off with warm water and apply lip balm because baking soda does not moisture the lips.
  4. Sugar and honey: Take some sugar and honey, preferably less sugar and more honey. Mix it well and apply it on your lips in circular motion. You can keep the mixture on your lips for a few minutes or you can even keep it overnight and wash it off in the morning. You can even add some vanilla into the mixture and keep it in a container for further use.


Since lip is also an essential part of your face, you might want to take extra care of it by simply exfoliating it whenever you can.

Castor oil and Hair Growth: Match made in Heaven!

If anything of this world helped Rapunzel to grow those long iconic tresses then it has to be castor oil. Castor oil benefits are uncountable but I call them the hands of benefits, because one hand help the hair from falling out, another helps with splits end and the rest deals with dandruff, dry hair, rough hair and several hair problems. Hair problems lead to major tension for any human being especially loss of hair for some men and women, before you turn your attention towards hair implants and other expensive medical processes learn about the wonders castor oil and hair growth. Spare yourself the horror of growing bald and try using castor oil as your regular remedy. These are ways in which castor oils and increases the growth of hair :


  • Treat the scalp infections first: castor oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties therefore it help to cure the infections caused by the presence of pathogens and micro – organisms in your scalp. Treating them is your basic step towards preventing hair loss as these infections cause hair fall, itchy scalp and bald patches.
  • Moisturizing and fights dandruff: the presence of omega- 9 acids help to hydrate and lock moisture in the roots of the hair so that it heals the dry scalp leading to itchy dandruff and dead skin cells. Apply castor oil and massage your head well before going to the shower, a week- long of this simple treatment and you will be boosting smooth soft hair without dandruff.
  • Split end treatment: dry rough hair with split ends look the worst therefore using castor is the most sane option in this case. Castor oil is packed with vitamin E oil, omega9 acids and amino acids and these nutrients penetrate deep down inside the hair scalp and even out the hair cuticle. This will make your hair look healthy and a relief from hair breakage.
  • Prevents hair loss: this is the biggest combat we are fighting with our hair almost every day. A lot of reasons are there for hair loss like dandruff, hair styling products like spray and hot irons, bad and dusty weather conditions and several others. While we cannot stop these problems from occurring we can always find a remedy and that is castor oil. The Ricinoleic acid present in the oil helps to hamper hair loss by stimulating nutrients in your blood around your scalp that will hold the roots strongly.
  • Increases hair growth: castor oil is renowned for making the hair grow faster than you can imagine. The oil stimulates the blood circulation in your scalp that enables the follicles to make your tresses grow longer. For good results massage castor oil before going to sleep and cover your hair overnight, your scalp with drink up the oil till its roots and the magic will unveil with time.

Tip : castor oil can be very sticky and hard to get off so you can mix some olive oil or jojoba oil to make it easy to handle.

Castor oil and hair growth goes hand in hand but besides all these benefits the oil is also capable of making your hair shine brighter, feel softer and grow thicker and darker. Make an effort of massaging castor oil 15 minutes before going to the shower and soon you will realize fairy tales do come true.

Body glitter: A part of your beauty department

While putting makeup on yourself you might feel special about yourself because you are looking all beautiful and gorgeous when you have put makeup. Since, putting different kinds of makeup on your face makes you look additionally beautiful with the eyeliners, lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshades, etc. you might also want to make your body look perfectly beautiful at the same time because while your face is being attractive, you would also want your body to look attractive as well. Sometimes just wearing a particular dress doesn’t make you look attractive but you have to try wearing something else to add some more glamour to your look. Apart from dresses and accessories, why not try using a body glitter and get a shiny, shimmery and attractive look among the crowd. Using a glitter all over your body has always made every girl or women glow more. Whether it’s any special occasion of yours or even a prom party, you definitely need to try some glitters over your body and rock the party. Obviously, this glitter don’t cause any harm to your skin and it’s very easy to apply all over your body, you might find quite a lot of glitters in your favorite stores. So, let me give you a list of body glitters that are easy to use and also they are a best accessory for any party.


Some easy to use body glitters:

  1. Hair and Body Glitter Spray by B Wild: It comes in 3 bottles: gold, silver and gold and silver. They give shine to your body adding extra sparkle when you need. It is gentle to use and smooth as a body glitter. It consists of good quality ingredients and fine glitters. It can be washed out easily after every single use.
  2. NYX Glitter Mania: Along with body, this glitter can also be used on your hairs to give a twinkling effect. It also makes your body look bright and you would look glamorous when you apply it.
  3. Snazaroo Gold Dust Body and Face Glitter:It is a user-friendly glitter gel and can easily be applied with any brush. To get better highlights you can add some water to this glitter and make a paste.
  4. GlitterMark Gold Glitter Gel by Mehron: It is water based gel and an alcohol free product. Its fine tip makes it easy to apply the glitter all over your body. It helps in creating fine lines and details and can easily be removed with water.
  5. Glimmer Body Art Shimmer Body Glitters: It comes in different colors so you can choose any color which would go with your outfit. You can even draw tattoos with them with the help of glimmer body glue and keep them for a week.
  6. Sephora Silver Glitter Spray: Since it is a spray, you don’t need ay brush or even your hand to apply the glitter. If you are in a rush then you can easily spray the glitter all over your body.

Glitters not only gives you an additional look for a perfect party or occasion but it makes you sparkle in the crowd making you look more attractive than anyone.