Organic lotions are wonderful – learn why

Have you ever thought about the harmful effects which might arise from the beauty care products and cosmetics you use regularly? Did you ever know that such products actually have the ability to create harmful effect on the first place? After all, these skin care products are made up of various chemicals and harmful substances. You do care about what you’re eating, but why not about what you’re applying on your face?

Although most of us are not aware, skin care products made up of chemicals not only have the ability to harm our facial beauty but even posses the risk of imbalancing our internal factors such as hormone levels. Few of the known chemicals would be paraben which manages to alter proportions of estrogen hormone in our body or petroleum based products such as mineral oils or citric acids.

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In such cases, the savior to your skin and body are organic lotions. Consisting of natural ingredients without dangerous emulsifiers, preservatives, etc. organic lotions are useful, healthy and safe for us to use. But it’s definitely confusing to find the legitimately organic ones.

Here are some of the organic lotions from the reliable brands which you can buy without a second thought:

  1. Magic Body Care Lavender Coconut Lotion by Dr. Bronner ($8.99)
    Petrochemical and modified component free, this lotion is made for people with sensitive where the coconut oil ensures soft and smoothness and the lavender oil content makes sure the organic ethanol isn’t present in excess and its lovely smell.
  2. Patchoulli Lime Tattoo and Body Balms by Bronner’s Sun Dogs ($4.49)
    Applicable anywhere like your arms, hands, elbows, legs, the organic lotion replenishes dehydrated skin and can be used upon old tattoos to make them regain brightness and smoothen up.
  3. Golden Calendula Oil by Buttercup Naturals ($16.50)
    Imagine the smell of a local Calendula garden right all over your body. Ranging from a baby’s soft skin to the rough dry skin of a grandma, the lotion is simply sensational for everyone in the family. For patients of eczema or psoriasis, the Calendula oil is calming. Its aroma is so tempting you’d wish to put it in your bowl of fresh garden salad, but then your mesmerized skin wouldn’t let you drop a bit of it anywhere else.
  4. Grapefruit Bergamot Organic Body Butter by Deep Steep ($ 7.00)
    Mainly suggested for dry and moist skin, this rejuvenating lotion is rich in Vitamins A & E is fantastic for moisturizing your skin at any hour of the day. Very light and buttery, the grape seed oil softens the skin and its absolutely paraben free and vegan!
  5. Lavender Honey Hard Lotion by Greatmarsh Artisan Skincare ($10.00)
    Being their bestseller, as soon as the lavender honey hard lotion bar comes in touch with your severely dry skin, it gently softens up. Easy to apply without a fuss, it’s an ideal product for the little ones who might sadly have eczema.

Don’t risk your health anymore and get yourself these safe and handy products today!

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