Nourishing homemade coconut oil lip balm

The fresh and rejuvenating fragrance of coconuts just drives me crazy and a lip balm made out of freshly scraped coconut flesh is a fragment of a good dream! Coconut oil benefits on skin are innumerable and the way it blesses your chapped lips is incomparable. There might be a variety of lip balms available in the market but if you really care to cure your poor dried out lips then turn your attention towards the gift that has been presented to you by the nature, in the form of coconut oil. Coconut oil naturally hydrates your pucker with its moisture locking properties and the sweet oil is packed with minerals that help to keep your lips smooth, smooth and smiling. Therefore to stop becoming a chapstick addict here is a recipe to cook your own sweet smelling coconut oil lip balm with beewax to give it a honey flavor.

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This that you need for making the balm is listed as follows

  1. Small plastic balm pot or a mini size container (Like the lip balm pots from The Body Shop)
  2. Coconut oil (any preferable brand that gives off a sweet smell, DrBronner’s is good)
  3. Yellow beewax
  4. Vitamin E oil
  5. Glass measuring cup
  6. Small grater
  7. Measuring spoons
  8. Stirrer
  9. Microwave

Tips before starting off with the process

  • Make sure you wash your hands clean from all dirt.
  • The tools you are using should be free of germs.
  • The grater with which the beewax is to be grated should be cleaned with hot water.
  • Keep a separate grater for beewax, that’ll make your work easier.

Now make the lip balm..

  1. In a measuring cup add a drop of Vitamin E oil, this will help to increase the shelf life of the balm and also it has great benefits on your skin as well.
  2. Then, take two spoonful (measuring spoon) of coconut oil and mix it with the oil together.
  3. The next step is to grate the beewax on a parchment paper, the grated beewax should be packed in one measuring spoon. If you take lesser than a spoonful then the balm will be very oily.
  4. Mix the beewax with the coconut and vitamin E oil mixture and microwave it for 30 secs. Take it out and see if the beewax has melted or not. If not then microwave for 20 more secs and you have the golden oil ready.
  5. Pour it in your balm pot and leave in a place to set up. It will turn cloudy and finally will harden down to a balm. If you are staying in a hotter region then you might have to refrigerate to get that consistency.

A chapstick might not cost you much but they have a lot of artificial ingredients and preservatives that eventually harms subtle skin of the lips and make them drier with time. Lips are precious so take care of your lips in the best way by using this nourishing homemade coconut oil lip balm.

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