How to wear clear lip liner perfectly

Clear lip liners are basically an unorthodox version of regular lip liner. We all know that lip liners are used to prevent lipstick from smudging or spreading around the lips. It is also used in a darker shade than the lipstick to create a dramatic effect. Clear lip liners basically do the same job without the dramatic effect. It provides the cool, suave touch to your everyday look without all the drama. What can we say? We have enough drama in our lives as it is.


However, it is normal to wonder, “Why would someone want to make the edge of their lips glossy?” Well the answer is no, nobody wants to do that. That is the specialty of clear lip liner. It dries up after applying and becomes matte. As mentioned earlier, it is there just to hold the lip color in place. Also, some people have wrinkles around the edge of their lips. Regular lipstick and liner as well tends to feather into those wrinkles, which can look very unattractive. And all the fashion divas out there knows very well that when it comes to fashion, it’s a very thin line between unattractive and ugly. In that case, clear lip liner will help prevent feathering of the lipstick around the edges.


Now, lets get down to business and talk about how to apply clear lip liner perfectly and effectively. Like all other lip liners, it has to be applied before applying the lipstick. Lip liners come in pencil forms most of the times but in some cases they might come in tubs with a small angled brush or in a tube with a wand to apply it with. Draw on the inside edge of the lips and let it dry for a few minutes. After it has become matte to the touch, you can apply lipstick normally. Though clear lip liner is an excellent choice for a more defined color on the lips, some people might prefer the regular liners for the dramatic effect. But one thing about the clear lip liner is that, it does not have to be reapplied throughout the day. You can easily remove the lipstick along with the liner with some makeup remover at the end of the day.


For the sake of giving out information, clear lip liners were actually made for use on wrinkled lips as a way to prevent feathering. Also sometimes lipsticks can become runny without wrinkles because of their castor oil based formula. This kind of fiascos cannot be managed with the little compacts that we keep in our purses either. So, the discovery of clear lip liners actually came as a blessing for all the fashion conscious girls who want to avoid any mishaps in public places. It is a very basic product and most brands have it manufactured as perfectly as possible. So you can go for basic brands like Maybelline, Urban Decay, etc. So try outlining your lips with the waxy colorless alternative to regular lip liners and get the suave look that you have always wanted.

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