How to wear clear lip gloss the perfectly

Clear lip gloss is an in-thing again this year after 2007-2008. No, that does not mean vibrant lip colors are not trendy anymore. Vibrant colors are always a good way to brighten up your outfit be it formal or casual. All the fashion divas out there knows it very well how clear lip gloss can be used to plump up your lips with that shimmery glossy touch in a simple way. Yes, it does feel very 90’s to have that smooth touch to your lips in contrast to the matte lipsticks.


Clear lip gloss is pretty basic and there is no specific brand that we would recommend to you. However, there are some brands out there which would feel a bit “too sticky” and uncomfortable. We advise you to stay clear of them. The reviews in the original websites should be good enough to tell you exactly what you should expect from that particular product. As a basic product it is very easy to come by and most brands have it made perfectly for daily use. Clear lip gloss comes in various packaging like roll-on lip gloss, liquid lip gloss, tube lip gloss, etc. So you just have to choose whoever is the most convenient for your use.


While applying clear lip gloss, different people have different objectives. As mentioned earlier, it can be used to get plum lips, to get a sleek casual look, or to add a glossy look to your favorite matte lip color, etc. To get plump full lips, apply clear lip gloss at the center of your lips over you regular lipstick. This handy little trick will give your lips a plump look to it, which can result in the perfect pout whenever needed. You could apply the lip gloss over your whole lips to get a glossy sleek look be it over your favorite lip color or over plain nude lips.


However, you have to be careful before applying gloss over any lipstick because using the lip gloss wand will make it colorful and putting it back into the tube will color up the gloss inside. To apply lip gloss over a lipstick always remember to use a spare brush girls. Using the wand and wiping it off with a tissue may not work perfectly at all times, so better be careful beforehand. Lets stay neat and clean while turning up the heat at the same time. Wink wink!


As surprising as it may sound, clear lip gloss can come in handy in other ways as well. I know a lot of you fashion divas will be thanking us later on for adding this part here:

  • Create a base for your glittery eyeshadow.
  • Use on your eyebrows to tame stray bits.
  • Run it against your mascara to clean up the lashes or you may also say “ink-up” your lashes.
  • Use your clear lip gloss to use as a cream blush on your cheeks.
  • You can run a bit of the gloss on your hair on bad hair days to tame those stray strands.


Now, its time you ladies pick up your dropped jaws and start planning your next funky and trendy outings with friends, family or for that special someone. Plump full lips or clear sleek lips, be the trendiest diva in town with a dab of clear lip gloss.

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