Babyliss big hair: The ultimate solution to your styling problem at home!

Babyliss big hair is all about blowing you away with its fantastic features and the way it makes you hair look bigger, thicker and beautiful. Most of the women have thought about increasing the volume of their hair sometime but they might have failed in doing so because till now they didn’t find the perfect product which would make their hair look perfectly thicker. But not to worry anymore, the babyliss product has made such invention in the market that almost every woman is going crazy about it.


The product is nothing but simply a hairdryer combining a rotating brush which helps in combing your hair and also setting it up at the same time with the help of the dryer. With the combination of these two things, it easily helps you to style your hair at home without visiting any salon and you can also get a salon look easily at home without spending a fortune to do so. This is like a dream come true for most of the women because after getting this product it will seem like you have everything in your hand and you can do almost everything with your hair now. So, for the beginners who have just bought babyliss or are planning on buying one, you can go through the instructions below to have a clear idea about how to use this product.

Babyliss instructions for your big hair

  • Make 4 sections of your hair to make it easier to use the product on it. Make sure your hair is mostly dry and for better result you can even use creams that help to add volume to your hair.
  • Turn on the brush and set the heat to your desired need. Take one section of your hair and place the brush close to the roots and keep on brushing to remove any tangles.
  • Keep brushing on the roots for a few seconds before you move to some other place.
  • Press the rotate button to rotate the brush throughout your hair.
  • Try to resist the spin of the brush by keeping it downwards.
  • For adding more volume to your hair, keep the brush at the end of the section of the hair and let the brush rotate on that area but make sure you have pressed the right rotating button.
  • Try to wind the sections of your hair with the brush and continue doing it until you have reached the end. Stop pressing the rotate button and let the brush stay on your hair for a few seconds.
  • When you have got your desired result, press the cool switch for a long lasting volume of hair.

So, for any type of hair you can easily use this product and style your hair with different styling techniques; start your practice now and spend some time in learning these different techniques at home.

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