The role of olive oil for hair growth

Hair loss, thinning of hairline or worse a shiny, visible bald spot may cause us to be embarrassed in the society today. Not only that, these problems may even lower our self-confidence. These unwanted problems may arise due to frequent hair coloring or a poor diet, an illness or just due to some genetic and hereditary issues.

Olive oil can be an essential ingredient for the most important and attractive part of our body, i.e. our hair. Therefore olive oil for hair growth can be very beneficial for you in countless ways.

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  • Olive oil helps to prevent the production of DTH hormone; the production of which leads to the narrowing of hair follicles hence falling out of hair.
  • Due to its high antioxidant content, olive oil helps to keep your scalp healthy which actually results in healthy hair growth. The damage done due to excessive usage of hair styling products and hair care products can also be minimized with olive oil.
  • Who doesn’t wish for shiny, healthy lustrous hair? And this definitely doesn’t come without conditioning. Olive oil is definitely the best natural ingredient for conditioning
  • It also helps reduce dandruff or remove lice from our scalp. Olive oil definitely helps fight the worst enemies against our beautiful hair!
  • In order to grow thick strands, massaging the scalp with olive causes our hair follicles to be activated due to better blood flow, thus the growth of hair.

Olive oil for hair growth can be used in the following ways:

  • Add olive oil and castor oil together in equal proportions, heat them until lightly warm and massage well on your hair for 10 minutes for follicle stimulation. After a few minutes of hot towel wrap, the moisture is retained. Take a shower and clean off.
  • Mix 3 tbsp of olive oil to 7-10 tbsp of tea tree oil. Take a hot towel wrap, leave overnight and shampoo next day. You will smell lovely and your dandruff will also be reduced.
  • Take a cup of olive oil and mix with a finely beaten yolk of egg and quite a few drops of lemon juice to make a mask. Apply for 15 minutes and later shampoo and condition. Adding lavender may give a soothing smell to it.
  • For oral intake of olive which once again helps hair growth very much, add generous dollops of olive oil to your meals while cooking. Combining olive oil to lemon juice and drinking such a mixture is also very fruitful for growing hair. Not only that, olive oil helps to better our dental and intestinal health as well.

In order for olive oil to give the desired results, we must keep in mind that along with application of olive oil on our scalp or in taking it orally, we must make sure we are maintaining a healthy balanced diet. Keeping rich in nutrient foods in our diets will bring us the best outcome whenever you’re relying on olive oil for hair growth.

Nourishing homemade coconut oil lip balm

The fresh and rejuvenating fragrance of coconuts just drives me crazy and a lip balm made out of freshly scraped coconut flesh is a fragment of a good dream! Coconut oil benefits on skin are innumerable and the way it blesses your chapped lips is incomparable. There might be a variety of lip balms available in the market but if you really care to cure your poor dried out lips then turn your attention towards the gift that has been presented to you by the nature, in the form of coconut oil. Coconut oil naturally hydrates your pucker with its moisture locking properties and the sweet oil is packed with minerals that help to keep your lips smooth, smooth and smiling. Therefore to stop becoming a chapstick addict here is a recipe to cook your own sweet smelling coconut oil lip balm with beewax to give it a honey flavor.

Lips. | Flickr – Photo Sharing!Haley Neal Attribution 2.0 Generic / CC BY 2.0

This that you need for making the balm is listed as follows

  1. Small plastic balm pot or a mini size container (Like the lip balm pots from The Body Shop)
  2. Coconut oil (any preferable brand that gives off a sweet smell, DrBronner’s is good)
  3. Yellow beewax
  4. Vitamin E oil
  5. Glass measuring cup
  6. Small grater
  7. Measuring spoons
  8. Stirrer
  9. Microwave

Tips before starting off with the process

  • Make sure you wash your hands clean from all dirt.
  • The tools you are using should be free of germs.
  • The grater with which the beewax is to be grated should be cleaned with hot water.
  • Keep a separate grater for beewax, that’ll make your work easier.

Now make the lip balm..

  1. In a measuring cup add a drop of Vitamin E oil, this will help to increase the shelf life of the balm and also it has great benefits on your skin as well.
  2. Then, take two spoonful (measuring spoon) of coconut oil and mix it with the oil together.
  3. The next step is to grate the beewax on a parchment paper, the grated beewax should be packed in one measuring spoon. If you take lesser than a spoonful then the balm will be very oily.
  4. Mix the beewax with the coconut and vitamin E oil mixture and microwave it for 30 secs. Take it out and see if the beewax has melted or not. If not then microwave for 20 more secs and you have the golden oil ready.
  5. Pour it in your balm pot and leave in a place to set up. It will turn cloudy and finally will harden down to a balm. If you are staying in a hotter region then you might have to refrigerate to get that consistency.

A chapstick might not cost you much but they have a lot of artificial ingredients and preservatives that eventually harms subtle skin of the lips and make them drier with time. Lips are precious so take care of your lips in the best way by using this nourishing homemade coconut oil lip balm.

Time period of temporary tattoos

Always wanted a tattoo but not too sure if you want one for your whole life? The fear is quite understandable. What if you’re going through a phase where nothing is going your way and you decide to get a skull tattooed on your arm and then suddenly you find peace in life and regret for not getting a butterfly drawn instead? It is difficult to decide a particular thing which you would want to keep for a lifetime instead of scraping off three layers of skin time to time. Here’s where the concept of temporary tattoos came in. Temporary tattoos look the same as permanent tattoos but they are mainly body painting used in ways such as painted, drawn or airbrushed on the skin.

#henna on feet by Khadija | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Khadija Dawn Carryl Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Most important factor in temporary tattoos is the time period; this is why they are so popular. Imagine looking all cool like a gangster with tattoos drawn all over you and having clear skin later when you are bored, that too without any pain. The best part which is that they are removable, these tattoos don’t last long and how long they last depends on the type of tattoo you put. Here three types of tattoos which can be removed easily-

  • Henna Tattoos- These designs are usually very elegant and are mostly used by ancient Indian and Middle Eastern people. Most ingredients used in henna are natural which gives very little reason for it to react to your skin or cause allergies. The color of this tattoo turns out to be either bright red or dark brown which looks very good when it’s used on your hands. Brides often wear such tattoos to make them look more traditional. This tattoo lasts almost two weeks but it depends on how many times you wash your hand or the area where it’s been applied. Henna tattoos are popular for temporary hand designs and are easily available and removable
  • Airbrushed tattoos- This is a bit less permanent than henna but equally easy to use. As the name says, paint is airbrushed on the desired area of your body just like t-shirts are airbrushed. Artists use airbrush machines or stencils or even design free hand. You can choose colors and designs and enjoy the modern look of it. These tattoos only last three days, so you can get rid of them before you get bored of it
  • Stick On tattoos- These tattoos are very easily applied, you can put them on like stickers and take the sticker off, which leaves a temporary tattoo just like a permanent one. Mostly these tattoos are used by children but there are grown up designs available too, giving the real feel of tattoos. Depending on the quality of the tattoo the stick on tattoos last from 2 hours to 6 days, making it the most efficient and temporary form of tattoo

Try one design today and another tomorrow, tattoos are the coolest form of accessory, but only if they are temporary.

Tamanu oil benefits – a natural remedy for many of your skin care issues

Like any other natural oils, tamanu oil is also considered to be natural oil with natural benefits to your skin and body. It is extracted from the nut kernels of tamanu tree and it has various health benefits that most of you didn’t know till now. It not only can be used directly on skin but for a long time it has also been used in different kinds of medicines. It not only solves different problems of your skin but being traditional topical oil it also has a unique quality which most of the natural oils would not have. It has the ability to form new tissues in your skin and therefore, curing the wounds and healing them very quickly and it also helps in preventing anti-aging at the same time. There are so many tamanu oil benefits for your skin and bodies that you won’t believe them until you have applied the oil yourself. From soothing your skin and making it soft and smooth it also works great on curing your foot to reducing body odor from your body. So, if you are still unknown with the special kind of benefits of this oil then let me describe the benefits of this oil to you within a few minutes and then you will be surprised to know them.


Benefits of tamanu oil for your skin and body:

  • Reduces inflammation of skin, redness, sun tan and those of insect bites.
  • It regenerates the skin, so when you have any cut or wound on your skin then it will be very effective if applied on them.
  • Helps in preventing scars from your skin that you would get in any major accident. If you have had a scar for more than one year then stop applying any moisturizer on them and start using tamanu oil on them. After 6 weeks, you will see a huge difference when you see your scars fading away.
  • It is believed to be antiseptic and anti-acne oil for your skin.
  • It helps to reduce viruses from your skin.
  • It has antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal, etc, properties.
  • It prevents tumor or cancer cells to form in your skin.
  • It moisturizes and nourishes your skin in such a way that you would not have any dry or damaged skin and thus, it reduces aging of your skin along with preventing wrinkles forming on your skin.
  • When you have heavy legs or bruising you can simply apply the oil on your leg and massage it on the leg for some time. It will help in blood circulation and reduce your pain.
  • It helps in reducing body odors, skin rashes, infections, etc.
  • It helps in preventing skin allergies as it is hypoallergenic.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of benefits of this tamanu oil that you probably have never thought of and now when you know you can simply use it without any hesitation.

Sweet almond oil- learn about its astonishing benefits

Almond oil has always been a very popular choice for beauty care among women. It comes in two types, bitter and sweet almond oils. Starting from hair care and skin care, rich in Vitamins A, B & E, various omega and oleic acids, sweet almond oil even brings many health benefits to you.

In case of your skin, sweet almond oil helps to control the amount of moisture in your skin and easily gets inside it without having blocked your pores. Be it moistening up your dry skin, helping your skin to glow and brighten, curing any rash, blemish or agitation, sweet almond oil is amazing for your skin!

Stranger Portrait No. 40 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!Chris Zerbes Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If you feel your skin is losing its youthful feel or you see signs of ageing such as slight wrinkles appearing, sweet almond oil works extraordinarily on you. Replenishing the worn out cells and repairing them back, it helps to bring back the youthful glow and tightness to your skin.

Worried about your dark circles? Don’t you wish you could look a little more attractive if you could just remove them? Then sweet almond oil is about to do the magic! Just before you’re off to bed, lightly massage some of it under your eyes to lighten your under eyes. Try continuing to apply it on a weekly basis in order to get the best of results.

Reducing the chance of acne appearing which would otherwise occur from the use of any other chemical based products, sweet almond oil is an ideal makeup remover. Extracting dirt from the pores, it helps to finely clean your skin, leaving it healthy and free from any risk of an outbreak.

Not only for skin health, but sweet almond oil is also very essential for scalp care and hair growth.

Massage warm sweet almond oil on your scalp for about two weeks if you are suffering from hair loss. It is rich in magnesium which helps to restore scalp’s strength, hence holds hair stronger and prevents hair fall. It’s more effective after wrapping your hair with a hot towel for a couple of minutes before taking a shower to wash it off.

One or two times in a week, mix castor, olive and sweet almond oil and apply to your hair and especially at the tips to prevent its ends from splitting. Split ends are very harmful for healthy hair growth in the long run and can cause stunted growth. Sweet almond oil is a true savior in this case.

Dandruff is a very common problem amongst most of us. In fact, it can be a cause of embarrassment at work or at any public place. Massaging a mixture of sweet almond oil and gooseberry to your scalp for half an hour will help to remove dead cells to remove dandruff and also cause the growth of beautiful shining locks.

Though it seems to be something very simple, the benefits of sweet almond oil are endless and excellent!

Want to choose the best deodorant for sensitive skin out of the list below?

Deodorant is a must for any season because it keeps you fresh but when we come to deodorant for sensitive skin, we need to have some options before buying some random deodorant from the market. Deodorant makes you smell good and it also keeps your body fresh throughout the day when you are busy in your work. Deodorant is so important to people that they can’t even think not wearing it while they are going out. Because while you are giving a presentation or on your special date or even attending any party, you definitely don’t want to keep thinking whether you are sweating or you have any sweat stains or will your deodorant last long enough for you not being embarrassed in front of the public. But for the people who have sensitive skin, before getting any deodorant you must keep in mind that they are designed for sensitive skin and will cause no irritation on your skin. Surely, you have already gone through a lot of bad deodorants in order to find the best one for you. So, here we are with the list of some best brands of deodorant designed especially for sensitive skin which you can check out below in just a few minutes.

Take The Risk | Flickr – Photo Sharing!Kyle Jones Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

List of some best sensitive skin deodorants:

  1. Avon on duty roll-on anti-perspirant deodorant:

It has shown great results to everyone who has applied it and people just love this brand and they say that almost everyone in their family uses it and they are completely satisfied with it and guess what the price of the product is not even too high.

  1. Kiss my face liquid rock roll-on deodorant:

It’s an aluminum-free deodorant which helps you to be odorless and also sweat-free for the entire day and after you finish all your work and go home, you can find out that you still don’t have any odor.

  1. Kiehl’s superbly efficient anti-perspirant and deodorant:

Almost all the people who have used this product say that this deodorant is a therapy for their underarm and they love using it because it has been working steadily on their skin. You can use this deodorant anytime and almost every time of the year and it would also work great during summer. The deodorant works gently on your skin providing protection at the same time.

  1. Certain dri regular roll-on:

This roll-on is kind of a lifesaver which makes your armpits dry all the time and they won’t get any sweaty or wet. If you are going through excessive sweating problem then you should definitely try this product and find out the result.

  1. Swipe single use deodorant wipes:

If you are tired of using deodorants or roll-ons, then you can simply keep one of this in your bag and use whenever you want to. It would make you feel confident and fresh at the same time.

So, whichever deodorant you use, make sure you stay fresh all day because if you get sweaty then the dirt will easily attack your skin and make you more sweat.

Tips on how to choose the best eyelash enhancer from the top brands!

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful with thicker eyelashes and what if your dream comes true with the eyelash enhancer? Yes, you can now have thicker, longer, luscious eyelashes with a simple product that can add more beauty to your eyes and make your eyes look better with them. Now, we all know that many people don’t have the chance of having thicker or longer eyelashes of their own due to many reasons but you don’t have to get upset anymore. With the enhancer for your eyelashes you can simply look amazing and people would not even know you have used it and you will see that most women would want to know the secret behind your beauty. Now, for those who don’t have any knowledge about it, eyelash enhancers aresimply beauty products that help in the growth of your eyelashes and they can be easily applied on the base of your eyelash because of its gel or serum form. For better result, you must apply it once or twice a day and then find out the difference in just a few days. So, if you are looking forward for buying your enhancer and want more tips then get some useful ones below in a few minutes.


Tips on the best enhancer for your beautiful eyelashes:

  • Make sure to buy the enhancer that not only makes your eyelash longer or thicker but also stronger. It will help in any sort of breakage on your lashes which could be one of the reasons of losing your eyelashes.
  • Check the ingredients with which the product is made and find out whether you are allergic with any of the ingredients or not. But the best option is buying the ones which have natural ingredients in them. In this way, you eyelashes can be conditioned as well.
  • Go for the enhancers which have been tested by the FDA or even the experts because you will be sure that the product is going to be safe while applying on your eyelashes.
  • For people who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes should buy the products specially made for sensitive products.
  • In order to save excessive money on enhancers, compare the prices of different brands and go for the one which matches your budget. You can even buy them online and compare the prices instead of going to each shop and wasting your time.
  • After you buy the enhancer and start using it, make sure you remove any eye makeup, specially mascara or eyeliner, and then apply your enhancer because it is always necessary to condition your eyelashes and prevent any dirt from going inside your eyes.

So, before applying the enhancer to your eyelashes make sure you follow these useful tips and prevent your precious eyelashes from being infected or from going through any side effects.

Find out the types of foundation brushes that would go with your makeup

In order to get a good makeup on your face properly, you must be familiar with the types of foundation brushes that are necessary for your makeup. Whether you need to apply your daily makeup or when you are going for a party, you need to know the brushes with which you would apply your makeup. Because if you don’t know which brush is used for which purpose then you would get confused while applying your makeup. You might use one brush for a purpose which is not the right one, so it’s better to know all the types if brush before making any mistakes. You can find different brands of your brushes to apply your foundation in the market, so choose the brand that is suitable for you. But you also have to keep in mind that with each type of brush you can apply each type of foundation, which is with certain brushes your foundation will blend in your skin in a proper manner. So, if you are getting all confused now, not to worry anymore, we are now going to show you the types of brushes with which you can apply your desired foundation easily at home.

Makeup Kit 5-5-09 IMG_3534 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!Steven Depolo Attribution 2.0 Generic / CC BY 2.0

Types of brushes for applying your foundation

  1. Bobbi brown foundation brush

This type of brush is usually used for cream or liquid foundation. It is a type of foundation brush that can be easily used to apply your foundation all over your face because it helps in giving you the perfect coverage and also with the help of this brush you can easily blend the foundation on your skin.

  1. Shiseido foundation brush

This brush has a flat top on it which helps it for applying cream or liquid foundation on your face. It easily buffs foundation on your face and also helps in applying your foundation evenly on your face. The foundation simply looks natural on your face.

  1. Tarte airbrush finish foundation brush

This is a kind of fluffy brush which helps you to apply any powdered product on your face. You can also use it to set up your liquid makeup. It is basically used to use any powder foundation after you are done with using your liquid foundation.

  1. Sephora collection pro precision foundation brush

This brush is just perfect for applying any makeup or even making the making even around your nose area together with the mouth and eye area also. The pointing tip helps you to apply your foundation on the area you want to apply.

  1. Bareminerals precision face retractable brush

As you can see the angle of the brush, it helps you to apply your makeup evenly. When you need to apply any powder or loose makeup, it’s the best brush you can find.


Therefore, whichever foundation you purchase, just make sure you have bought the right kind of brush for your foundation so that you can evenly apply it on your face.

How to wear clear lip liner perfectly

Clear lip liners are basically an unorthodox version of regular lip liner. We all know that lip liners are used to prevent lipstick from smudging or spreading around the lips. It is also used in a darker shade than the lipstick to create a dramatic effect. Clear lip liners basically do the same job without the dramatic effect. It provides the cool, suave touch to your everyday look without all the drama. What can we say? We have enough drama in our lives as it is.


However, it is normal to wonder, “Why would someone want to make the edge of their lips glossy?” Well the answer is no, nobody wants to do that. That is the specialty of clear lip liner. It dries up after applying and becomes matte. As mentioned earlier, it is there just to hold the lip color in place. Also, some people have wrinkles around the edge of their lips. Regular lipstick and liner as well tends to feather into those wrinkles, which can look very unattractive. And all the fashion divas out there knows very well that when it comes to fashion, it’s a very thin line between unattractive and ugly. In that case, clear lip liner will help prevent feathering of the lipstick around the edges.


Now, lets get down to business and talk about how to apply clear lip liner perfectly and effectively. Like all other lip liners, it has to be applied before applying the lipstick. Lip liners come in pencil forms most of the times but in some cases they might come in tubs with a small angled brush or in a tube with a wand to apply it with. Draw on the inside edge of the lips and let it dry for a few minutes. After it has become matte to the touch, you can apply lipstick normally. Though clear lip liner is an excellent choice for a more defined color on the lips, some people might prefer the regular liners for the dramatic effect. But one thing about the clear lip liner is that, it does not have to be reapplied throughout the day. You can easily remove the lipstick along with the liner with some makeup remover at the end of the day.


For the sake of giving out information, clear lip liners were actually made for use on wrinkled lips as a way to prevent feathering. Also sometimes lipsticks can become runny without wrinkles because of their castor oil based formula. This kind of fiascos cannot be managed with the little compacts that we keep in our purses either. So, the discovery of clear lip liners actually came as a blessing for all the fashion conscious girls who want to avoid any mishaps in public places. It is a very basic product and most brands have it manufactured as perfectly as possible. So you can go for basic brands like Maybelline, Urban Decay, etc. So try outlining your lips with the waxy colorless alternative to regular lip liners and get the suave look that you have always wanted.

Pick a Good Flat Iron

Recall those times when your fizzy hair ruined the way you look even you dressed up at your best, well those days are gone thanks flat irons. No one who does not want their hair all over the place has unwanted hairstyles anymore, they can style their hair any way they want and change hairstyles to whatever suits them. You will not find anyone complaining about their wavy or curly hair because they have already gotten it straightened. We are going to talk about flat irons and you can pick a good flat iron amongst them.

cloud nine 2 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!Maria Morri Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic / CC BY-SA 2.0

1) Remington T Studio Wide Plate Straightener with Tourmaline- This is the best flat iron if you are not interested to spend too much, it will fit your budget and will take very little time to straighten your hair. It has digital temperature reading which can come very handy as it will alert you if it’s very hot or if it’s not hot enough

2) Rusk Professional STR8 Iron Infused with CTC Technology- This one might be a bit on the expensive side but the tremendous work it does makes it completely worth it. It can fix your hair regardless how rough and tough it is to straighten it is, even if your hair is nappy, curly, thick, damaged or short, this machine will get its job done

3) Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron- People with super fizzy hair loves this iron for having really high temperature, making it easy for them to get straight hair in no time. Temperature is adjustable and the iron itself lasts for years.

4) Conair The Power of Pink Ceramic Straightener- Purchasing this straightener means that a portion of your money would go to a Breast Cancer Research Foundation, it’s small in size and comes in the color pink and straightens hair perfectly and very fast too

5) CHI Turbo Ceramic Flat Iron- This iron makes your hair shiny and also makes it look healthy unlike other flat irons, this might be a little pricey but the fact that it is long lasting makes it totally worth it

6) ghd Gold Professional 1- The iron heats up super fast and is lightweight and wont fry your hair off either

7) Babybliss Pro Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron- This is the best flat iron out there, no beauty salon could make your hair smoother than what this can do to your hair, it is one thing you won’t regret buying in your life

These are the top 7 flat irons which are better than any other flat irons you get in the market, these irons are expert in making your look beautiful and fizz free regardless of what your hair type is, if you are hoping to straighten your hair without damaging it and making it last long then you should consider buying an iron. They will last long and this makes them cost friendly, paying a little bit more for something which stays with you for long is completely worth it.