Are you looking for some easy camo nail tips for your beautiful nails?

Now a day designing your nails has become a trend and also a habit of most of the women and camo nail is among the trends as well. So, if you are looking for some camo nail tips then you have come to the right place. As they decorate themselves with different outfits and accessories, they also want to decorate their nail because it is a part of their body and they don’t want to miss that part out and make it look boring. Women try different types of designs on their nails to make it look beautiful and some women even match their outfit with the type of design they have used on their nails. Now, you can simply find out different brands of nail color in the market and applying them would make your nails look attractive but apart from using the usual colors, you can also try different creative designs, such as camo designs, to make your nails get a unique look. Camo nails are created by nothing but different shades of nail color and it is pretty much easy to make as well. So, to get tips on how to make camo nails easily at home with a few collections of your nail colors, take a look below and be an expert on nail paint today.

Blue camo nails | Flickr – Photo Sharing!Toxic Vanity Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

How to have camo nails at home?

  • First of all, apply a clear base coat on all of your nails in order to avoid any stains on your nails. If you had some other nail color on your nails from before, then it is necessary to remove it with any nail remover and make the nails clean properly. You can even do manicure at home and make your nails clean before getting the camo design on your nails.
  • Then start off with any base coat and paint all of your nails with a solid light green or even mint green. If you don’t like green then you can even try out some other color that you like. I am just giving an example of how to apply camo design on your nails, so don’t bother about sticking to one color only.
  • When the shade dries out, take a brown nail polish and with the help of its tip, make different shapes on your nails. Make sure you make small shapes.
  • When the brown one dries, take a dark green color and do the same on your nails but on different sides that is don’t hide the brown color.
  • Then add a black color on your nails and make sure it joins with the other colors. Finally, apply the clear coat once again and dry your nails before it is ready.

So, making a camo nail is not so hard but to make your nails look more creative you can try out different colors of nail polish and apply them in different events or parties.

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