7 of the best brands of gel nail polishes that are simply long-lasting

If you are crazy about nail polishes and love applying them almost every day, then let me guess, you must have a dozen collections of nail polishes at home and you own every color of nail polishes. I would say people who are crazy about applying nail polishes then you must be an expert on what kind of nail polishes are best and which ones last longer. So, you must also be aware about gel nail polishes that works great on nails and sets on your nail instantly. Also you should consider buying great polishes sometimes if you want your gel nail polishes to look good on you. You can find different colors of brands in the market which would go with your gel nail polishes and you can even find the gel nail polishes which come in various colors as well. Therefore, for the beginners who are looking for the best gel nail polishes that you can easily find in the store take a look below to check out some brands.


7 long-lasting gel nail polishes you will fall in love with

  1. Artistic Color Gloss: They are kind of new in the market and they are available in different colors. They also come in glitter shades which will give your fingers an awesome look.
  2. CND Shellac: This is one of the best brands which offer gel nail polishes of various colors that would go with any of your outfit.
  3. Bio Sculpture Gel: It is one of the original brands of gel nail polish. They would take a little time to dry but when they get dried you will find it beautiful on your fingers.
  4. Harmony Gelish: This brand of gel polishes goes with every personality and also it easily goes with any skin tones.
  5. IBD Gelac: This brand has a magnificent collection of gel polishes and they are one of the most famous gel manicure product.
  6. TruGel: You can find the gel polishes in affordable price with a beautiful collection of colored gel polishes. If you have a budget problem, then you can easily buy these polishes which are comparatively cheap than any other brand.
  7. OPI Gel Color: These gel nail polishes not only have long-lasting quality but they also get dried on your nails instantly giving you the perfect nail color. They are available in fun colors that you can apply anywhere, anytime.


Nail polishes simply make your nails look beautiful and attractive when you go out somewhere and it also complements your outfit when you match the gel polish color with it.

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