10 tips for healthy hair

Who doesn’t want long shiny hair? Okay maybe not long but every girl craves for shiny healthy hair. The dirt and pollution makes our hair dry or greasy and stops it from getting nutrients. We cannot cover our hair to protect it from everyday damage, and we cannot spare time for hair care everyday from our busy schedules. We put very little effort for proper hair yet we only sit and wish they grew nicer. Hair is important to be taken hair of, not only the dirt, but when we style our hair, use chemicals and heat or when we color our hair, we damage it. We find one way or the other to ruin our hair quality, which is why the following 10 very basic tips for healthy hair can actually help you to take care of your hair a little bit more.


  1. Brush your hair at night- Brush your hair with a good quality brush for as many times as you can before you go to bed. What it does is that it distributes the natural oil from your hair and makes your hair shinier. Brush the tips first to get rid of the tangles then brush from top to bottom
  2. Wet Hair- Do not brush your hair when it is wet, hair is the weakest at that point, but if you have to comb it then use a wide toothed comb
  3. Boar Bristle Brush- This brush might be a bit expensive but it has a reason for being so, the dense concentration removes dust and dirt from the hair and moves natural oil along the hair shaft. Their tough yet flexible bristles smoothens the hair and these are the best kind to use for your before bed time combing
  4. Shampoo- What shampoo you use makes a great different to the quality of your hair and the health of it. The shampoo you use should be from a good well known brand which does not contain toxic ingredients. Added artificial smell can mean that it contains harmful contents, resulting in hair fall. Do not go for commercial shampoos and fall for those glossy wigs or special effect on the advertisements, make sure you are careful about which shampoo to use and which one suits you the best
  5. Conditioner- Condition your hair once a week
  6. Oil you hair- Use oil on your hair once a week, oil with natural ingredients will make your hair stronger, look up for homemade hair solutions, eggs are good for hair too
  7. Protein- If you have fizzy hair then hot oil treatment is very important, massage your scalp with homemade treatments, allow your hair to get the protein it needs
  8. Dandruff- Tree oil is considered good for dandruff, do not massage you scalp too much because it may result in hair fall if you have dandruff
  9. Vinegar- This is also very good for your hair, apply it on your scalp, it does wonders for dandruff
  10. Eating Habits- Eat healthy food not fried and fatty food. Yes, it effects your hair too, nutrition is required and a daily dose of vitamins and minerals are compulsory for healthy hair

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